Our Final Sale

Posted by Kristie & Ryan on Sep 28th 2019

Thank You

To all the Swimtails Mermaids and Mermen:

I thank you for YOUR Part on our journey! We have been very grateful for the opportunity to help people live their best merlife.

It's been wonderful to see you in our tail creations and the joy that mermaiding brings to you! Keep inspiring others to be unique and different and whomever they want to be.

Thank you for everything Swimtails fans! Goodluck, we wish you the best. We greatly appreciate all those who have supported us through thick and thin! We will miss you! Just keep swimming!

With that being said, we have gotten a ton of messages from customers and fans that are interested in owning one last Swimtail, so nows the time!

We will be offering one first and only closed sale on older designs and new tail designs and tops, kids Finis Fins, adult Finis finis fins and mahinas we have in stock. This sale will last a few days only! Since this is a closed and final sale their will be no returns or exchanges on anything sold as we will be fully closed for business and would have liquidated all of our assets. If your order was almost in completion and you received a refund and would like that same tail. Please email us support@swimtails.com we will not be responding to any DMs only emails. Thank you